UV Portable Sanitizer Works For All Phones And Small Gadgets

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The UV Sanitizer Box for all your sanitizing needs uses safe ultraviolet light to destroy viruses and germs in under 10 minutes. Using the same technology trusted to sterilize hospital instruments, and when used as directed, it sanitizes smartphones (which contain an average of 10 times the number of germs and bacteria than a public restroom) by eliminating microorganisms such as Streptococcus, E. coli, and Salmonella. This device employs two UV bulbs inside the case that are rated for 20,000 hours and emit germicidal light. With wireless charging, USB port, and an aromatherapy feature.

FEATURES AROMATHERAPY FUNCTION: More than just being a cell phone sanitizer sterilizer, this UV light phone cleaner features a cool aromatherapy function to help you relax. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil and place the aromatherapy switch. After the disinfection is complete, your device will come out smelling heavenly.

UV Sterilizer Box
Sterilizer method: UVC+UVA
UVC: 260-275 nm
Disinfection Time: 5 mins
Aromatherapy Time: 8 mins
Standard Input: DC 5V
Buttons: Disinfection, Aromatherapy
Operating Temperature: -10℃—45℃
Product Size: 230*130*50 mm
Weight: 408g


1. EASY TO CARRY: The product is the small size which is easy to put into your bag.
2. EASY TO USE: No Need to charge the battery. Connect with the USB line and use it to sanitize directly.
3. SAFE TO USE: The design has perfect space to sanitize all phone, keys, a pile of money and etc.
4. PROVEN TO WORK: The scientist has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold.
5. UVC+UVA: Double disinfection to kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold.
6. Suitable for travel and outing.Used in personal daily necessities, spoons, cutlery, telephones, desks, etc.
7. Can use a 15W wireless charger for charging phones.


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UV Sanitizer Box

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Great for sanitizing cash.

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