Hip Resistance Bands: Push To Be The Best Version Of You 

"I use these bands every single time I workout now and I‘m so happy to have them. They fit petite legs and don't roll up or fall down. They're also really cute and come with a breathable carrying bag."

Women working out with exercise resistance band

So if you are tired of not getting the results that you want from your workout? The Pushone exercise resistance bands are for you. They are designed with premium-grade materials to enhance a variety of hip, leg, and glute workouts for anyone who wants to take their resistance training to the next level.

The Pushone resistance bands can be used as part of your everyday workout, as a warm-up, paired with strength training exercises, and as a finishing to your leg workout. Includes 3 levels of resistance and a mesh carry bag for when you're on the go.

Fits a Variety of Exercises: 

Specially designed to ensure that they would stand up to the most intense workout. Take your Health and Fitness to the next level! 

Man & woman working out with exercise resistance band

  • The bands stay put no rolling or sliding
  • A great choice for Home Fitness and Exercise
  • Lightweight and Portable take your workout anywhere
  • Suitable for a variety of workouts - Yoga - Pilates - Crossfit - Beach Body Workouts
  • Made of High-Quality Fabric, not rubber
  • For Arms, Legs, and Hips
  • What you get: 3 Fabric Stretch Bands, 1 Portable Mesh Bag, a workout booklet

Women working out with resistance band

Premium Material: Anti-Slip Inner Layer Premium Fabric Blend

Our hip resistance bands are made with only the best materials and are designed so that you can have a premium exercise experience.

A Band For Every Athlete Level: 3 Levels Of Resistance

With 3 band strengths to choose from, these Hip Resistance Bands offer a wide range of exercises and increase in difficulty as you get stronger.

Pushone Hip Resistance Bands

For every Hip Resistance Band you purchase, we donate to help fund meals for families in need.  Learn More



Pushone Hip Resistance Bands 3 Non-Slip Fabric Exercise Bands

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Excellent Bands. Good Quality! I actually used them right away! So glad I made this purchase! Super Affordable, and worth it.

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