Get Fit With Hip Resistance Bands

Resistance replaces bulky weights - this exercise band can change your whole body and workout! The Pushone Hip Resistance Bands are designed with premium-grade materials to enhance a variety of hip, leg, and glute workouts for the athlete who wants to push and take their resistance training to the next level. Whether you’re in the comfort of your home, at your favorite local park, or at the gym.

Perfect Fit For a Variety of Exercises: 

Give your body an extreme workout with these killer resistance bands. Push your Health and Fitness to the next level! 

BUILD YOUR BEST BOOTY: You can Sculp & build your booty with our glute activating Hip Resistance Bands. They will intensify all your favorite booty-building exercises.

NON-SLIP DESIGN: Our non-slip fabric Hip Resistance Bands will not roll during your workouts and are comfortable to wear.

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: The compact zippered carrying bag makes it easy to bring your Hip Bands to the gym, office, or travel. Build your best booty anywhere!

PREMIUM QUALITY & ENHANCED DURABILITY: Our Hip Bands are made with thick and durable fabric to withstand your most intense workouts so you never have to worry about rips or tears.

Pink Resistance Band - (Light 18-32lbs) 

Blue Resistance Band (Medium 30-50lbs)

The resistance bands are versatile and perfect for a beginner or advanced fitness routine. 

With Light or Medium strength level, the Hip Resistance Bands offers a wide range of exercises.

  • A great choice for Home Fitness and Exercise
  • Suitable for a variety of workouts - Yoga - Pilates - Crossfit - Beach Body Workouts
  • For Arms, Legs, and Hips

Women working out with a pink resistance band | Pushone

Your Purchase Makes A Difference!

For every Hip Resistance Band you purchase, we donate to help fund meals for families in need.  Learn More  

Pushone Hip Resistance Band - Super Grip Non-Slip Fabric

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Beautiful hearty just like on the picture


Pushone Hip Resistance Band - Super Grip Non-Slip Fabric


Pushone Hip Resistance Band - Super Grip Non-Slip Fabric


The description of the product is accurate. The quality is very good. The shipping and the delivery were very fast. Thank you


Pushone Hip Resistance Band - Super Grip Non-Slip Fabric

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