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milton harrison

At Vivid Pods we pride ourselves on being a company with a strong social conscious and Giving Back. 

Martin Luther King, Jr - 

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." 

We too have seen the devastating events of the past few weeks that have left us shaken to our core and exposed our country's history of institutional racism and racial inequality. 

It has compels us as a company to act now, to do more, and to stand up against acts of intolerance and racism.

To due are part we have taken the initial steps to show our support and solidarity with those who want to honer George Floyd and all the peacefully protesters, who have shown their passion for change and justices for all. 

So along with our normal donation to the charity Feeding America (For Corvid-19), we will also be making a donation to the Black Lives Matter Foundation from every sell for the month of June. Together we can Make A Difference!

At the heart of Vivid Pods is our mission of Giving Back, so we care deeply about this issue. We look forward to you visiting our website and with your purchase, together we can help Make A Difference in community, to do more, to give more, and to find a path to a more equitable future for all. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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Milton Harrison 

Founder, Vivid Pods